Pet Healing ~~ A simple, daily practice

How to Heal Your Dog, Cat or Horse with the Divine Mother Energy
Cat healing

We love our pets and would do almost anything within our power to keep them healthy and happy.

Yet, sometimes we come to a place in their lives where they’re struggling and nothing seems to help.

It might be a persistent itching, a kidney issue, an undiagnosed problem, anxiety, aggression or depression. And you’ve tried everything within your budget.

In these situations, I often teach a simple healing practice for people to share with their animals. It’s fun and usually feels refreshing for people, too.

While it’s good to do anytime day or night, I find it’s often easiest for people to create time just before bed. It doesn’t matter whether your pet sleeps in the same room with you or not. In fact, the healing is even effective over a distance if you’re away from home. If you have more than one pet, I suggest you offer the healing to all of them.


  • Find a comfortable, quiet place, or just rest your mind.
  • Close your eyes or lower your gaze.
  • Relax and breathe more deeply.


  • Focus on the difficulty your pet is experiencing.
  • Notice the feelings, sensations and thoughts that come up (as you continue to relax and breathe).
  • Honor how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.


  • Let your feelings and thoughts fade into the background (as you continue to relax and breathe).
  • If you want, you can image a beautiful, safe place for you and your pet.
  • See a soft blue light of love about six feet above you and your pet. It will be the Divine Mother. (I always know I’ve connected with Her because my body relaxes even more and there’s a sense of safety and trust.)
  • Let your pet know, silently in your mind or with your voice, that you’ve asked this healing presence to help with their healing.
  • Allow your pet to notice the Divine Mother energy and, if they choose, to connect with it for a healing.

Some pets open fully to the healing right away. Others may need more time. Your only role is to bring the energy in and quietly offer it to them. I suggest practicing the healing daily for several weeks. It might even be helpful to write down behavioral or physical changes you notice during this time.

One way to speed up the healing process with your pet is for you to connect with the Divine Mother energy yourself. Then your dog, cat, turtle, horse, bird or mouse can watch as you receive a healing on something you request. Once you begin to connect with the energy, your pet will likely match what you’re doing. And why not receive a healing along with your pet?

As an animal communicator, I’ve worked with the Divine Mother healing energy for about 10 years because most animals trust and accept it. The energy is respectful, loving, kind and amazingly powerful, too. Try it for yourself. And please let me know of your healing experience with your pet!

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