puppy_pet_animalCommunicating with animals is a great honor and joy in my life. I welcome opportunities to connect with animals of all species and celebrate the individuality of every living creature.

I offer both in-person (Colorado Front Range), and long-distance animal communication sessions. During our time together, we can connect with as many of your pets as you’d like. You’ll also receive a recording of the session within a few days.

My primary focus during a reading and healing is to help resolve issues to allow for a more harmonious relationship between you and your pet. I approach each pet communication session with an open mind, a creative approach to potential solutions, and love in my heart.

What is a session like?

If you have specific questions, I usually ask that you share them at the beginning because it saves time. However, sessions are very interactive and other questions throughout the reading are welcome. When I connect with all the animals in your household, I pay special attention to the pet(s) we’ll be talking with during our time together.

Initially as I chat with your pet, I allow him/her to become at ease with me. I let them know why I’m connecting with them and ask for permission to talk with them. Some animals have a lot to say right away and others are more reserved.

During a session, I feel that pets communicate most effectively when they’re the most comfortable. If your animal plays or watch squirrels or snoozes or leaves for another room, it’s fine. Communication with pets happens quite easily over a distance.

cat_communicator_petOnce we begin the deeper conversation, I speak from my heart. As we address specific issues, I serve as a translator to help you understand your pet’s perspective. Then I work with you and your pet to help set new agreements, if necessary. And we identify and negotiate practical steps to develop greater harmony together.

Often, by the end of a session, both people and pets have found a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.

What are common issues I address?

Emotional ~ calming fears, separation, anxiety, grief, trauma, sensitivities

Behavioral ~ finding resolution for barking, aggression, hiding, willfulness, potty issues, hyperactivity, not listening

Relational ~ increasing harmony with people and/or other animals

Illness and End-of-Life ~ lovingly and honestly interpreting a pet’s wishes for their physical care

Transitions ~ helping ease the stress of life changes, such as moving, welcoming a new baby or pet, or saying goodbye to a person or pet


And though I’m not a medical intuitive, I often find that by addressing a pet’s emotional issues, some physical symptoms are eased.

When am I available?

My regular hours are Monday – Friday, 10 am – 7 pm, Mountain time.


If your pet is missing, please go to Resources page for “Lost Pets.”


You are appreciated greatly by the dearest beings in my life.   Rebecca B., Boulder, CO

I feel that my animals can really trust you, and so can I.    Rose F. Boulder, CO


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