Kind Words

Your advice with our cat, Hannah, was golden. She loves her new bed and is like a new cat.    Mindy K., Boulder, CO

Suki_North_Carolina_NCI just want to express love and gratitude to you and your wonderful, beautiful gift of listening/speaking with animals. I was re-listening to our session with Suki just yesterday. It was great to hear some of these things again! And also to realize how much I’ve grown since then. I feel so blessed to know you. You truly have a wonderful gift.   Rose F., Asheville, NC

I’ve thought almost daily of the things you communicated to me about my beloved horse, Zorro. I deeply appreciate your intuition, sensitivity and compassion.  Pamela T., Boulder, CO

The goats are back to their old selves and are even happier!   Jen D., Niwot, COLily

Mason is like a new boy. He’s not asking for food anymore. You hit it on the button. It’s like I have a new kitty.  Susan B., Montrose, CO

Your work is so useful for bringing the dynamics of what’s actually happening to the forefront — to be understood and healed. It makes me want to take classes.   Elena J., Boulder, CO

LilyThank you very much for helping me hear from Lily’s spirit last night. I am very grateful to you.   Carole B., Eugene, OR

I rode K. yesterday and he was so quiet and gentle.   Lanie C., Boulder, CO

Thank you for the wonderful reading for our cat, Ginger. It was very enlightening and gave me great satisfaction ~ I’m sure Ginger would concur! Continued blessings with this valuable service you provide.   Kathy Feldenkreis, Salida, CO

Since I’ve met JoLee, I’ve learned so much about my beautiful, but reserved, Newfoundland that just made intuitive sense to me. What she’s shared with me has been quite beneficial. I’m not sure my wonderful dog and I would have made it through DCF 1.0all the changes of the past 3 years without JoLee’s steady, compassionate, intuitive, and always ‘spot on’ advice.   Elizabeth M., Boulder, CO

I felt your spirit, JoLee ~ it is warm and gentle and caring.   Pat Z., Ft. Mitchell, KY

Thank you once again for a purely magical reading. Sierra has definitely improved with the healing work you taught me to do. I was able to put a blanket on her, brush her and leave her outside regularly within a week of your reading. Her neurological problem with balance has also improved. Lately her spirits have been unusually high. I really love that sassy little pony!   Anne-Marie S., Urbana IL

Thank you so much, as always, for the work you do with such sweetness, compassion and lovingkindness.   Virginia L., Colorado Springs, CO

Bonzai2I appreciate so very much your assistance during Bonzai’s transition. Your ability to shed a light on other very important levels ensured that Bonzai was being heard. I am so glad I paid attention!   Rebecca M., Boulder, CO

Thank you tremendously for the time, energy and love you shared with us and the horses. It was a wonderful gift and blessing.   Diane Kennedy, Boulder, CO

Thank you for your healing. There has been a shift for me in how I relate to Chai — able to have more compassion for her.   Cat P., Nederland, CO

Thank you again so much for doing the readings and healings with my horses. I really appreciate all I have learned from these sessions! And what fun! (For the most part!)   I am always surprised at how much the horses change afterwards, becoming more like “normal” horses. I’m so happy you are in my life, and the lives of my animals!  Emily A., Longmont, CO



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