About JoLee



Talking with Sasha

For the last 13 years, my great joy in life has been helping people and their pets create more loving, harmonious, supportive relationships.

As a child, it seemed natural to “just know” what an animal was feeling or thinking. Each summer while visiting my grandparents’ farm in Kansas, I renewed friendships with Susie the dog (and, if I was lucky, her puppies), Pepper and Flicka ~ the horses for us grandchildren, and Daisy the milking cow.

Pepper, a gentle Shetland/Quarter horse, and I rode together through the countryside year after year. As he aged, he walked more slowly. I remember after one peaceful ride when I was a teenager, I knew he preferred that I not ride him again. And I didn’t. Instead, I’d spend time with him in the pasture, petting him and talking with him as he grazed contentedly.

Wild animals communicated with me, too. On one warm, summer night after dark at the farm, I sat alone on the porch steps marveling at an infinity of fireflies as they twinkled across the wide expanse of open space. Time seemed to stand still as each one blinked a rhythmic greeting. I felt as if I were experiencing a symphonic performance!

Later, as a young adult, I raised two tiny birds to maturity ~ Alfred, a starling, and Binky, a robin. Both imprinted on me and followed me everywhere.

The day I released Alfred in my backyard, I stayed with him all morning as he flew away and returned to me, time and again. After one flight, he perched on a bench and released a purple squirt – mulberries from our neighbor’s tree! Then I knew he would be fine on his own. When I returned from a trip a few days later, I called to him and he circled above me with a group of starlings. He returned every call of mine with his own chirp, saying “I’m happy, I’m so happy!”


My path following college led me into the financial world for eight years. Then I received a Master’s degree in Journalism and became a free-lance writer. Upon moving to Boulder, CO, in 2000 with my two sweet cats, Nazare and Chloe, my natural animal communication skills found a true home in this animal-loving community.

Today, I frequently teach classes and workshops. I also enjoy mentoring a number of gifted animal communicators who have taken advanced courses with me. And I enjoy speaking at events.

As a volunteer, I’ve helped at the Boulder Valley Humane Society and with horse rescue organizations. I also garden, hike, take photos, paint, and frequent the local farmer’s markets.

I love to travel. I’ve helped identify and count birds in Alaska, bonded with wild horses on Easter Island and swum with dolphins in Hawaii.

As an animal communicator, I’ve been featured in the Boulder Daily Camera and on Denver’s Channel 7 News.