Hi, I’m JoLee Wingerson, an animal communicator in Boulder, CO, since 2002. Thank you for visiting my site. I offer pet communication sessions, in-person and long-distance.

In my work, I find that animals can experience emotional, physical and mental challenges in life. Talking with them, I gently help identify the source of an animal’s issues and negotiate effective solutions for their greatest benefit, and the benefit of the people in their lives.

I usually include an entire animal family during a session because I find that the inter-relationships among pets can be enormously helpful in negotiating solutions to issues. My sessions are very flexible depending upon your needs ~~ either checking in with all the pets in your household or focusing on one with a specific concern. As we talk, you’re welcome to ask as many questions as you’d like. And following the session, I’ll send you a recorded download of the reading and healing. The offerings page will give you more information about my animal communication sessions.

I also teach workshops and offer 4-month certified animal communication classes. As a public speaker, I’m happy to give presentations at pet shops, horse barns, veterinarian meetings, church/spiritual gatherings, pet clubs and other events.

Please contact me with questions, comments, or to schedule a session or public event.


Here’s a clip of an interview with Lauren Skye, director at Inner Connection in Denver, about communicating with pets by using “pictures.”

Thank you so much for your help in restoring harmony to our family.   Judi G., Colorado Springs, CO


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